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Club 10 mile Time Trials 2015

Hillingdon Triathletes Club Time Trials 2015
Day Date Distance Venue Time Course No Results
Thursday 30-April-2015 10* miles Black Park  19:00 HCC227 Results
Thursday 14-May-2015 10 miles Great Missenden 19:15 H10/4 Cancelled
Tuesday 23-June-2015 10 miles Great Missenden 19:15 H10/4 Results
Thursday 16-July-2015 10 miles Great Missenden 19:15 H10/4 Results
Thursday 23-July-2015 10 miles Great Missenden 19:15 H10/4 Results
Thursday 30-July-2015 10 miles Great Missenden 19:15 H10/4 Results
Tuesday 4-August-2015 10 miles Great Missenden 19:15 H10/4 Results

*For our event the Black Park course is slightly long (10.5) miles. This makes it much safer at the start and finish.

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The signing on for Black Park is at The Stag, on the corner of Wexham Street and Farthing Green Lane, post code is SL3 6PA. Click here for their Facebook page.
Click here for a map of the Black Park bike route.
Click here for the Great Missenden bike route.

For Great Missenden it is done in the public car park, on the Link Road (A4128) in the centre of the village.

Our races are free to Hillingdon Triathletes and £3 to non-members, who are very welcome.

They are all enter on the line only.  There is no pre entry system.  Just turn up on the night.

For a full discription of the courses, click on the following links: HCC227 and H10/4.

Hillingdon Triathletes’ time trials are run under the rules of Cycle Time Trials, the national governing body for such events. Their website can be found here

We would remind our members that although the events are free and have the feel of a club evening get together, it is vital that the rules of the governing body are observed, otherwise any insurance cover could be invalidated and our right to stage such events could be withdrawn.

Anyone new to time trialling or triathlons is welcome to come along and race. Here is a quick summary of what to expect.

  • You arrive at the head quarters, sign on and pay your entry.
  • You will be given a start time, riders go off at 1 minute intervals.
  • You cycle to the start, which is about one mile away, where a timekeeper will count down to your start time and OFF you go for 10 miles.
  • You may pass some riders who started before you or those who started after you may pass you.
  • You reach the finish line and carry on back to the head quarters, where your time will be posted.

Some Do's and Don’ts:

  • Do wear a crash helmet.
  • Do make sure your bike is safe
  • Do make sure you can be seen.  The roads are open and cars will pass you. Most evenings this is no problem, however, the light can vary greatly according to the weather conditions. Some riders have small lights on their bikes, which are very effective at making you visible from a far greater distance.

I would also recommend carrying a spare inner tube. If you puncture you could be 5 miles from the finish and it is a long way to walk or a long wait to be picked up.

  • Don’t draft. You should leave 25 metres between yourself and the bike in front. That is much more than in triathlons.
  • Don’t do U turns near the start or finish. It is against the rules. It is very dangerous and it causes congestion. At both the start and finish riders lose concentration on the road traffic and turn blindly in front of fast moving vehicles.
  • Don’t pester the timekeeper.  They have other riders’ times to deal with. You will get your time that evening. Be patient.
  • Don’t expect the head quarters to be plush.
  • Don’t worry about the other riders, time trialling is all about beating your own times.

The final Do is…come for a drink afterwards!