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Triathlon/Duathlon Series 2016

Results are now updated for the third and final race in the Triathlon/Duathlon Series for 2016. Thanks to all of the competitors and marshals for making it such a fabulous event.

Hillingdon Triathlons/Duathlons 2016 Results
Date Distance: Venue: Time: Results:
Sunday 22nd May 750m / 6k / 25k
6k / 25k
Harefield, HOAC 07:30 Results
Sunday 3rd July 750m / 6k / 25k
6k / 25k
Harefield, HOAC 07:30 Results
Sunday 17th July  750m / 6k / 25k
6k / 25k
Harefield, HOAC 07:30 Results

These events are held at Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre, near Harefield

The 2016 Race Pack can be seen here

The Hillingdon Triathlons are most probably the longest running triathlon series in the country. The first three were held in 1987 and there have been three every year since.

Originally they were run as an evening series, but changed to Sunday mornings, mainly because more competitors were finding it difficult to get to the event on time.

As the event became more popular, drafting became a problem. The hilly cycle was not breaking packs up, and the swim was too short to spread competitors out. In order to overcome this it was decided to do the run as the second discipline, this gives more time to spread competitors out. It gives the event a different feel to other triathlons.

The swim is 750m in a lake followed by a run of 6k, most of which is on road. The cycle is a 2 lap hilly course.

*Non-swimmers can do a duathlon, which follows the same routes as the triathlon.

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