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Sunday Club and Novice Cycle Rides

UPDATE (04th October 2016): Please note that the Novice Rides will be re-starting from Sunday 16th October.

Our Sunday Club and Novice rides will be leaving Denham at 08:15hrs it's worth keeping an eye on our Facebook Group Page for more dynamic information on fast and slow groups looking to meet up.

Novice Riders! Please read this useful guide for all things regarding the novice rides.

A schedule for the Novice Rides is now available below:


What is a Sunday Novice Cycle Ride?

  • Starting Sunday 16th October 2016 and continuing most Sundays until mid-March. (Please check out Facebook Group Page for updates)
  • This is a Sunday road cycle ride that is aimed at the novice and “road-shy” cyclist. It will be lead by an experienced ride leader and will also have a second experienced rider at the back to ensure that everyone is safe.
  • Please note that these are Sunday lead bike rides, NOT coached sessions as coaching whilst riding on the public highway would be dangerous.

Who would be classed as a Novice or road-shy cyclist?

  • Any cyclist who would like to join in a Sunday club ride but has always felt that they wouldn't be confident enough or is a bit nervous or intimidated by road cycling. Or cyclists who are getting back into cycling after a rest period and wish to have an easy paced ride.

What is it all about?

  • Although this is NOT a coached session, our aim is to help the novice and road-shy rider to gain confidence allowing them to enjoy a group cycle. You will be taken on a circular cycle through the roads and lanes of the beautiful South Bucks/Berks countryside and you will meet many like-minded people making it a very sociable and enjoyable morning out.

Where is this taking place?

  • The Novice rides will start at our usual meeting point which is outside Shanes flower nursery, Denham, on the Oxford Road (A40), approx. 200m north of Junction 1 of the M40 (Denham Roundabout). Postcode is UB9 4DF. There is plenty of car parking in the area.

Do I need to book my place?

  • No, just make sure you arrive in plenty of time to introduce yourself to your cycle buddies and take in the ride briefing.

How long does it all take?

  • We start at Denham at 8:15 (up to Christmas) or 9:00am on Sunday mornings (note: winter time change is usually around Christmas/New Year time to help us avoid icy roads). Once the ride leader has introduced you all to the ride details and answered your questions, you will head off at an easy pace mostly on quiet roads. You will ride for about 15 miles at which point a coffee-stop will be made (most important part of a Sunday ride!). After 20 minutes or so, you will head back to Denham via a different route making it a total of between 25-30 miles.
  • Total time is about 3 hours so we expect to be back at Denham at 12:00ish at the latest.

Is this every Sunday?

  • Most Sundays up until mid-March. We will post updates on our club Facebook Group.

What do I need to bring?

  • A road or Hybrid bike in good working order.  Special attention should be given to the brakes.  Please insure your tyres are correctly inflated.
  • A bike helmet *No helmet – No Ride*.
  • Suitable bright coloured clothing to keep you seen and warm but not too warm. Being too cold is not nice but being too hot is worse! Gloves are highly recommended. Try not to bring a rucksack as they hinder you and make you less stable. But a lightweight rain jacket is always a good idea as it can be scrunched up and stored in a pocket.
  • A full drinks bottle
  • A rear light is highly recommended. It makes you easier to see especially on badly lit winter mornings!
  • A cycle repair kit. This would include a spare tyre tube and basic tools to repair a puncture.
  • Coffee money!

How many cyclists will be there?

  • We expect up to 12 cyclists in total as any more would mean splitting the ride into two groups.

How much does this cost?

  • We do not charge for our Sunday Bike Rides.  It is all part of being a member of our club. But we expect some day that you will help others to enjoy group cycles!

Is the club insured to conduct these rides?

  • Hillingdon Triathletes are covered for 3rd party liability but you need to be a member to be included in this cover.  Non-members are welcome to join in but should arrange their own insurance cover.

So do I need to be a member of Hillingdon Triathletes to take part?

  • No. But we would expect novices to become members to avail of all the benefits the club has to offer.

Anything else?

  • Just as long as you are age 16+*, have a safe roadworthy bike, wear an approved bike helmet and are able to ride at a very easy 12-15 miles per hour for up to 3 hours.
  • We advise you not to use a mountain bike as you will struggle to keep up. Mountain bikes are heavier and slower than road bikes.
    Please note that in line with BTF ruling, the Novice Ride is for age 16+ only.

I still have questions, could I speak with someone?

  • Yes, our Chairman: Dave Wardle can be contacted on 07796221433.
  • You can also email us at

See you there!

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