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Trail Quest / Orienteering Events

Hillingdon Triathletes' Trail Quest 2013
    Distance: Venue: Time: Online Entry:
Thursday, 21/03/2013 Optional Based around Harefield 18:30 onwards Results
Tuesday 22/10/2013 Optional Based around Harefield 18:30 onwards Results

These two events are nighttime orienteering events.

They are open to mountain bikers, runners and walkers. You can do them as individuals or as teams, with as many as you like in each team.

The event is run as a normal orienteering event, except it is dark (bring a torch).

Location: The Coy Carp, Copper Mill Lane, Harefield UB9 6HZ

You arrive and sign on.
You will be given a map, which will have up to 20 stations marked on it. You will also be given a card, which has to be stamped at each of the stations you reach. The stations are illuminated, so they can be seen from a distance. The route you take between each station is your choice. The harder a station is to reach or locate the more points it is worth. There is a time limit, and if you exceed it you will lose points.

There are usually teams that end up with a negative score. There are prizes for the highest scoring bike team and the highest scoring running team.

These events are suitable for a complete cross section of people from fast, competitive bikers or runners to people who would like to stroll around the countryside in the pitch dark. They start and finish at a pub, which serves meals, so the evening always ends happily.

What you need: Proper clothing for the weather. Running, walking or hiking shoes for a mixed terrain. A fully charged torch (head torches are great but a hand torch with fully charged batteries at a minimum). Some cash for a drink afterwards!