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West London Combine Time Trials 2015

West London Combine Time Trials 2015
Date   Distance Course Results
1-March 10 miles H10/2 Results
15-March 25 miles H25/4 Results
26-April 25 miles H25/4 Results
24-May 25 miles H25/4 Results
28-June 50 miles H50/4 Results
23-August 25 miles (2-up) H25/4 Results
13-September 10 miles CC180 Results
11-October Hill Climb Windsor Hill Results
Hillingdon Triathlete members can enter these events for free.  (The triathlon club will pay the entry fee.)  All the events start early on Sundays, the precise times (and closing dates for entries) will be communicated via email by our WLCC coordinator. If you wish to enter these TT's, please respond to the coordinators race email within the time allocated.  If you wish to contact the coordinator, you can do so here:
The West London Combine has its own website at The “Combine” is a group of cycling (and a few triathlon) clubs who get together, in order to put on time trials for their members. Clubs provide officials and marshals, thus keeping the costs to a minimum. In order to play our part, Hillingdon Triathletes organise and provide marshals for one event per year. It is usually the first 25 mile event of the year.