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RESULT - Club Aquathlon & OWS, Thursday 29th June 2017

Aquathlon -


Congratulations to everyone who turned out on Thursday for the second race in the club aquathlon series, there were so many entrants we ran out of parking spaces . . .

A fantastic night to race and we hope that everyone enjoyed it enough to return for race 3 on Thursday 27th July


1st overall, 1st male vet - Clark Schofield
2nd overall, 1st male senior - Ed Dyer
3rd overall, 1st male junior - Steven Bright
5th overall, 1st female vet - Rebecca Nkoane
6th overall, 1st relay - Freya Hollingsworth & Anna Haywood
19th overall, 1st female senior - Amy Claridge
23rd overal, 1st male super vet - Martin Wilson
40th overall, 1st female super vet - Boo Smith

OWS - 1km

=1st overall, 1st male junior - Charlie Taverner
=1st overall, 1st male senior - Igor Klimashevskiy
4th overall, 1st female junior - Gemma Nottage
6th overall, 1st male super vet - Ray Muchmore
7th overall, 1st female senior - Kate Bolton

OWS - 2km

1st overall, 1st male junior - Ethan Sutton
5th overall, 1st male senior - Andrew Kerr
6th overall, 1st female senior - Sabinne Haywood
8th overall, 1st female junior - Maggie Fleet
10th overall, 1st male super vet - Phil Smith
19th overall, 1st male vet - David Southgate

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