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RESULT - 10m WLC TT, Sunday 3rd September 2017

Times were posted by Hillingdon riders at Sunday's 10m TT hosted by Westerley CC at Great Missenden

Due to the horrendous winds blowing through the A413 valley (at speeds modern technology has yet managed to devise a way to record) they were not especially good times but they were times and have been recorded thus:

21st overall - Rob Hunter (AKA Gary Craig) - 26:25
28th overall - Wayne Faithfull - 28:08
29th overall - Stuart McGowan - 28:13
30th overall - Alison Smith - 29:18
36th overall - Daniel Thompson - 34:42 (late start adjusted to 25:42)
38th overall - Freya Hollingsworth - 44:16 (late start adjusted to 35:16)

As a courtesy, if nothing else, can anyone who signs up for any event, especially those hosted by other clubs, please call through with apologies if they are unable to make it for any reason as this saves time and effort on the day

Any club member in attendance who is aware that someone cannot attend, please note their apologies on the start sheet

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