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RESULT - Club Duathlon, Sunday 12th November 2017

Adults & Youth Results -

Tristars Results -

Well done to all competitors at today's end of season Autumn Duathlon, the results of which were:


First Place - Andrew Snook
Second Place - David Edward Knight
Third Place - Paul Corney


First Place - Charlotte Matthews
Second Place - Sarah Grover
Third Place - Freya Espir


First Place - Laurie Hillier
Second Place - Michael Clarke
Third Place - Eszter Olah

Tristar 3

First Place - Ben Doyle
Second Place - Kirsten Stilwell
Third Place - Adam Hunt

Tristar 2

First Place - Arthur Barber
Second Place - Ethan Flack
Third Place - Ethan Darcy

Tristar 1

First Place - Freddie Lett
Second Place - Tabitha Brown
Third Place - Luke Draper


First Place - Marcus Solomon
Second Place - Jake Scott
Third Place - Will Wratten

Many thanks to all the helpers and officials to spent a frozen morning at the Hillingdon cycle circuit giving lots of adults and even more children a wonderful time at the Hillingdon Duathlon

Great positive feedback from competitors and parents, however the real stars are the people who donate their time to make all of this happen

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